Welcome to BAB!  Here we are at the end of 2017.  The perfect time to talk about focus and intentions, don’t you think?  2017 has been a big growth year for me personally. Some of the things I know to be true are that there will always be good stuff and that there will always be some not so good stuff. I believe that everything in your life is there to help you grow. The good stuff is there to encourage you and make you feel loved and supported. The not so good stuff is there to teach you valuable lessons and to help you focus and figure out what’s important. So, that being said, I have determined that I will not let myself lose the focus and self-care I have gained in 2017. My hope for anyone that might be going through a difficult time is that you will open yourself up and try new things that may be even slightly out of your comfort zone. That is what launches us out in new directions and guides us to what and who we need. So, try something new that you can’t stop thinking about. The worst that will happen is that you don’t like it and stop doing it. It also may become a game changer that trickles down into every aspect of your life. That is what going to the gym did for me 3 years ago. My vision for BAB in 2018 is that it will continue to grow and foster a community of Sisterhood, helping others find the direction they need and supporting each other on the journey. There is nothing like sharing your stories and your light with others. Let’s work together to set our intentions now and start 2018 with a strong foundation that we can build from to make it the best year yet!

Looking forward to 2018!