February-the month of love.
For some people it’s a wonderful time because they are with their true love and for others it is a sad and lonely time. But the secret to it not even mattering is learning to love yourself.
For me, as I continue on this journey of healing, and getting to know myself better, I have come to realize how much other people’s attention mattered to my self-worth. I rode the highs and lows based on how much attention I was getting-my ego stroked by others kind words. As I’ve learned to spend time with just me again-I understand the importance of embracing those moments, no matter how lonely they make me, and understand that we need to have those quiet pauses to breathe in and reach that next level of understanding of ourselves and others.
That being said, here are tips on things I do to get me in that self-love mode:

1. Prioritizing self-care. We all have the best intentions but I know that so many of us, especially women, start out with a self-care plan and the minute someone “needs” them-they cast aside their needs. A self-care routine is really important-even if it is just 15 mins a day doing something as simple as taking time to read a book.
2. Practicing mindfulness. This is a HUGE one! And why I preach every week about meditating. It helps you to stay present in the moment-and to observe instead of react.
3. Respecting your body. Eating healthy and exercising are key. And yes, I know we are not always going to eat totally healthy and hit the gym 3 x a week-but listen to what your body is telling you. The better you take care of it the happier it will be!
4. Stop comparing yourself to others. Need I say more? This is so hard to do-especially with social media. Comparing ourselves to others can lead to feelings of depression and loneliness.
5. Relish alone time. So many of us fear being alone, but when you can take those moments and embrace them-it leads to introspection and a clearer understanding of who you are-and helps you to understand what you need to do for self-care.

Happy February everyone.
Spring is just around the corner!