Spring Fever.

Although it still feels like winter there is a different feel to the air. A different light. The spring birds are chirping.

We use Spring as a time of rebirth. A time to clean out and clean up.

This has been a very interesting winter for me. It was the first one in the past few where I felt content. I embraced the cold, stark landscape and burrowed in to focus on what was calling.
I spent a lot of time on me. Going deep in my mind through meditation, solitude, and long walks in the woods to get in touch with my needs and to figure out what the next steps would be to continue on with BAB and stay true to its core mission-which is to help women understand and embrace their worth. To live their best life. To not be afraid to be the most authentic version of themselves.

I knew I was in a state of “quiet knowing”. That feeling that you are on the right path. To be patient. To be quiet so that you can truly hear. I turned 56 on Dec 18th, and for my birthday I wanted to treat myself to something that would keep me on my path of self discovery. I booked a private session with Phil Quinn-who is a medium and life guide that I’ve seen in a group setting before. What a perfect choice! His guidance set me on the path I pretty much knew I was headed. I just needed him to open up the top of my head, pull out my jumbled thoughts, put them in order, set them back in and send me on my way. That visit was the catalyst that pushed me to start my live feeds every Wed at 7 PM EST. In those feeds I share my stories in the hopes of helping others, because I know, through my own journey, that it works.

So, what I would say to you is to find people that resonate with you. Follow them and use their stories to help you move forward. And I say YES if you choose BAB to be a part of your journey.