Stop hiding behind your dreams.

Yes. That means you.

You are here for a reason.

We are all here for a reason.

We are not brought to this earth for other people.  We are brought to this earth to be with other people.

We all have our passion and our purpose, and we should not be denied the right to follow that.

So why are we afraid to share our dreams?

To let the world know all the big, bold, badass things that we want to accomplish?

And why are we afraid to put our attention to the things that we want most?

We hide behind shadows.

We hide behind busyness.

We hide behind fear.

We hide behind dismissiveness.

We hide, because it is so much easier than being vulnerable.

I recently put a post in our private Facebook group called Girl Strong.

I asked the ladies what dream they were hiding behind.

And the results were telling.

The response was small at first.  And that was interesting in itself.  In a perfect world I hoped that the post would take off like a rocket.  That women would be firing off their responses in a big, bold way.  But I also knew it could be the opposite.  That no one would want to be the first to put themselves out there.  So I went first.  And shared my dream.  My dream of being on the world stage, sharing my story with other women so that they could, and would, feel empowered.  To harness the power that they possess and shine their glorious light out into the world and help other women feel the same way about themselves.

And then others started sharing their dreams.  And the post gained momentum.  And you could feel it.  The opening up.  The uncorking of a long closed  bottle.  The sense of community knowing that we all have visions for ourself that are bigger than where we are at this moment in time.

Those dreams are what make life beautiful.  The belief that we have something inside of us that is up to us to create.  The sense of purpose that comes from dreaming these dreams.

And now?  The mission is to make those dreams become reality.  To lay the foundations of success that will carry us forth in pursuit of our vision.

And will we work to make them happen?  Yes.  We will.  One step at a time.   In alignment with each other, as we grow in strength, together.