It’s a Monday morning-and as I sit here typing my required 500-word count minimum (imposed by me) I am in touch with my feelings.

Feelings of gratitude-because it’s Monday and I have nowhere to be until 2:00 PM-and then I get to go to work at a place I love.

Listening to the new Sara Bareilles album, with a soft rain falling outside.

Lilac candle burning, bringing in the smells of Spring.

I have been working on releasing old stuff to make way for new stuff.

Cleaning up messes I made and then determined to keep things tidy.

Life is so much better when it’s lived from a place of honesty and openness.

It is so easy to get caught up in the hiding.

Hiding from feelings.

Hiding from people.

Hiding from situations.

But the funny thing?

Once you start addressing things as they come up, you grow stronger.

You feel powerful.

And that power spreads.


The big fat fucking ripple effect.

Do you not understand the power your actions have? 

And if you did would you truly honor them?

I see so many people struggling.  Getting wrapped up in themselves.  Not understanding that by giving you get. 

Are other people not as aware as I am?  I notice so much.  I see people’s nuances. I notice their posture.  The way they hold eye contact.

Is that a gift or a curse?  

I consider it a bit of both.

Part of my gift is knowing these things.

People relate to me because I am authentic. 

I love touching people.

Physical and mental touch.

There are so many people that need love.

And I want to give it to all of them.

It’s important to me to look good, so that I can feel good.

I love to support others.

And I love to be supported.

I am a ring leader.

And I take my job seriously.

It is so important to show support.

To be a cheerleader.

So many people are hurting.

And they hide it behind bravado or anger.

And I am in a position to help them come out from behind their veil.

It is my mission.

And my honor.

And I will carry forth with love.

And commitment.

And what can I do to help?

I can just be me.

And when I feel the need to share something?

Share it.

And when I don’t?


It’s not quantity.

It’s quality.

What are ways I can help people?

By continuing to show how lovely life is without alcohol or drugs.

By promoting learning and education.

By promoting the importance of mentors.

And staying away from negative people.

No victim mentality.

No pity parties.




Quiet confidence.

And gush about the things you love.

It’s not about being cool.

It’s about being real.

That’s what makes you cool.

Rainy days and Mondays always get me high.

I am aging gracefully and beautifully.

Why do these women keep putting in all these fillers?

I just don’t get it.

I really don’t.

Why can’t they be confident and secure enough in their beauty?

And are their relationships not stable enough?

Some of them, I know, are not.

And that makes me sad.

Because people settle because they don’t want to be alone…