No Victory without Sacrifice.

Healing hurts.

But just like a flower, you need to bloom.

To open up and let the beauty unfold.

And as you grow it gets uncomfortable.

And loud.

And staticky.

Just like the static in between the stations on the radio dial.

Until you find the right one it’s just a lot of noise.

Getting stronger takes grit.

The resolve to be the best version of you on any given day.

And when it hurts, it hurts.

But as you grow stronger you begin to understand that those hurts will pass.

And you need to let those uncomfortable feelings flow through you.

Instead of trying to get around them.

Those are the moments that bring you to the next level of understanding.

Your raw reality at the moment.

Whatever that moment is.

Sweet and soft.

Stormy and dark.

You have to feel through them all.

To get to the other side.

The balance between being alone and being lonely.

Embracing the moments of solitude.

Going deep within in moments of meditation.

We all need the dark to see the light within our eyes.

And use those visuals always.

When you put yourself out there in the world.

Picture yourself as a big glowing orb of awesomeness.

Stand tall.

And straight.

Shoulders back.

Eyes forward.

A confident, somewhat cocky grin on your face.

People need your power.

And your confidence.

We spread that sunshine all over the place.

In our most authentic way.

Because people can see through the fake veneer of some.

Your unique glow is all you need.

To make a difference.