I’ve been thinking about promises

And how sometimes it’s better not to make them

“I promise I’ll call you on…”

 “I promise I’ll get it done by…”

“I promise you’ll see me at…”

I promise

I promise

I promise

But you know what’s better than promises?

Quiet action

I am now truly understanding the power of quiet authority

Showing up

Getting stuff done

Being true to your word

The confidence you gain by setting your own intentions

And then following through

So often we make blustery promises

Just so we can escape the now moment

Instead of being open and honest with our intentions

Knowing that we may not be able to accomplish what we say

In the time we say we will

So why do we say it?

Because we want to please

The best thing you can do is work on your own confidence level

So you don’t make promises you might not keep

Commit to what feels right to you

It’s not always about jumping in full force

To whatever may fancy you at the moment

Or what others may fancy for you

It’s about taking a step back

And observing

To see if it really feels right to you

It’s about understanding and meeting your needs first

So that when you make a commitment you will follow through

Because you have nourished your soul first

It’s the quiet gain

The consistency

The persistence

The repetition

That is where your true power lies

And sometimes we need to stay quiet about things as we are accomplishing them

That is what always works best for me

My power grows as I keep some goals to myself

And when I hold myself accountable

Instead of giving that job to others

I keep my power

And my freedom

And my pride in myself

Because I know I have the fortitude

And the resolve

To make things happen

And don’t fracture your focus by moving from one thing to the next

Pick what feels right

And stick with it

Even when you are a bit confused as to what the next step is

Use every focus tool there is

To hone in on that very thing

Like a laser beam

Because we use excuses to keep us from what we crave

Afraid of the failure If we don’t get it right the first time

But failures are lessons learned

And we grow a notch when we stay true to our course

It’s discipline and pride all wrapped up in a beautiful gift we give to ourselves

And what could be more beautiful than having this big, bright package to give to others?

When we share the best part of ourselves

When we know that we are enough

And we give them what we can

The best part of ourselves at that moment

That is beautiful

And you set the stage for others to be themselves

With the best intentions

And we help each other move forward

In waves and setbacks

Sharing what we know

To help each other grow

With that quiet authority

That comes from practicing active appreciation

And mindfulness

And growth

Through quiet progress

With self confidence

Not self-doubt

By giving what you can

And not making promises that you may not keep